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No American is allowed to own more than one business. All employers must pay wages dictated by the government and must provide jobs for those who need them. Unfair competition is outlawed, ensuring that every person who wants to be in business can have an equal share of the work available. The Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources can announce new taxes on more profitable businesses and states at any time to “even out” opportunities for poorer states and less successful companies.
This is the economic scene that unfolds in the new movie Atlas Shrugged: Part I—and if it sounds like the dream of many on the left in Washington today, that’s no coincidence.
“Ayn Rand always said the novel takes place the day after tomorrow,” producer John Aglialoro told The Daily Caller.
The 1957 bestseller serves as a continued warning to those who understand its principles and aim to safeguard individual liberty and prosperity. Rand’s villains truly believe that they are pursuing the greater good and that the masses will benefit from punishing society’s top producers. Several lines in the film sound like they were ripped from the headlines. As a bureaucrat tells steel magnate Henry Rearden in the movie trailer, “We can’t afford to allow the expansion of a company which produces too much.”
via  The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..
Atlas Shrugged Premiere Review


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