Teaparty shows Evidence Barbour at Center of Race-Baiting in MS

August 7, 2014 Albert Milliron 0

A new white paper from Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund puts a target on GOP operative Henry Barbour for his role in incendiary racial appeals in the Mississippi GOP Senate primary.

“Henry Barbour was the field general in an unprecedented campaign to smear a fellow Republican, so desperate was his family to cling to power,” Jenny Beth Martin, the chair of TPPCF, said in the statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “We’re used to these tactics from Democrats: desperate appeals to emotion, fear-mongering, even playing the ‘Klan’ card. Who would have thought the Barbour machine would finance such despicable race-baiting?”

During the campaign, a Super PAC run by Barbour, Mississippi Conservatives, provided funds to Democratic operatives and organizations that put out literature and ran radio ads that said voting incumbent Sen. Cochran was a means of stopping the Tea Party and preventing his primary challenger, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, from “ roll[ing] back the hand of time,” among other examples.

According to National Review, Barbour, the nephew of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, vehemently denied having any role in the ads to Republican colleagues before finally admitting to it in an interview with reporter Eliana Johnson, saying colorful remarks McDaniel made on talk radio a decade ago and efforts to prevent voter fraud invited the scrutiny from black Democrats.

“Many Mississippians, who were already disgusted by McDaniel’s race-baiting talk-radio-show comments, heard the code words that insinuated that African Americans were not welcome in the Republican primary,” Barbour told National Review.

Monday, however, a Democratic activist said she had funded one particularly vicious ad that raised the specter of the KKK, and Barbour was quoted saying “I

Kansas: Pat Roberts Holds Off Milton Wolf in Senate Primary

August 6, 2014 Albert Milliron 0

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) held off primary challenger Milton Wolf on Tuesday, leaving the Tea Party with only one more chance this election cycle to defeat a Senate incumbent. If Joe Carr does not oust Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) on Thursday, no incumbent Senator will have lost a primary this year.

The Associated Press called the primary for Roberts three hours after the polls closed, which was much later than expected. Roberts was leading Wolf, 48% to 41%, with nearly 73.6% of the votes in; two other candidates on the ballot had a combined 11% of the vote when the race was called.

Roberts, 78, was worried after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) lost his primary in June that he could be “next.” Wolf, a 43-year-old radiologist who is President Barack Obama’s second cousin, hammered Roberts for not being a Kansas resident. Roberts, who rents out his Kansas property and reportedly stays with top donors when he is in the state for a significant amount of time, compounded the matter when he fumbled a question about his residency during a radio interview.

“Every time I get an opponent — I mean, every time I get a chance, I’m home,” Roberts told a Kansas radio station. His campaign also stumbled on social media when Roberts’ @PatRoberts2014 campaign account re-Tweeted a comment from a Twitter user who called Wolf “racist” and a “fool” before it was undone.

Roberts, who has been in Washington for nearly 50 years, refused to debate Wolf, and Roberts’ team alleged the two did not differ significantly on the issues to even have one. Wolf’s allies said Roberts, who called for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to resign as he moved right before the primary, would be more willing to