Watch CNN Treat Terrorist with More Respect Than GOP

August 5, 2014 Albert Milliron 0

The first video below is from Monday. For some indefensible reason, CNN allows savage barbaric terrorists to appear on its network. Hamas is an organization dedicated to the destruction, not only of Israel, but of all Jews around the world. Hamas targets and murders innocent women and children. Hamas uses women and children as human shields in Gaza.

Watch, though, how polite, respectful and deferential CNN is to Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, who recently claimed that Jews use Christian blood to make matzoh. Then compare it to the 3 videos below that where CNN does its usual-usual brutal cross examination of Republicans who dare disagree with CNN’s big government agenda.

Forget the moral illiteracy CNN is showing by interviewing these terrorists in the first place — why not interview neo-Nazis, al Qaeda, or the KKK? — when it comes to presenting the Hamas point of view, for three-plus weeks CNN has treated these savages with more respect than they ever have the Tea Party or GOP.

Note: I’m not singling Blitzer out by using his interviews. It just seems fair to compare apples to apples.

The bottom line is that if you want a fair hearing on CNN, don’t oppose the federal government, do kill innocent Jews and Palestinians.

Here’s the full interview with Toth: