Venezuela on the Brink – Infographic and Poll data

As the Venezuelan government continues to violently crack down on protesters, the credibility of Maduro’s regime hangs in the balance. The world has been watching Venezuela, as well as both Ukraine and Thailand, during these difficult political times


Maduro’s government has been accused of human rights violations by the U.N. and over half the 1World voters on the ground in the three embattled countries around the world (Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand) feel unsafe in their country. To make matters worse, 30% feel the domestic media coverage of the unrest is inaccurate and 50% think the coverage has been mixed.

If the unrest in Venezuela continues to spread, Venezuela’s neighbors might face a similar situation soon, especially since a Chilean national was reported to have been one of those killed during Venezuelan protests.

Violence in Venezuela will continue while independent military groups are allowed to enforce order on the population. 1World voters overwhelmingly agree that the Venezuelan paramilitary groups should be disbanded.

Paramilitary dissolution

Removing the paramilitary groups alone won’t solve the Venezuelan crisis, but at least it will help people feel safer in their country. Then Maduro will need to figure out how to solve the country’s huge economic crisis, or step down and hand the reins over to someone more qualified.

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