Israel Furious over Obama Admin Leaks

American diplomacy was in full display when Times of Israel publication reported that the White House leaked information of an Israeli strike against the Syrian port city of Latakia to destroy sophisticated weaponry expected to be transferred to Hezbollah.

White-House-LeaksIsrael, Obama’s black sheep of American allies, is enraged at what it sees as Washington’s betrayal of Israel. The leak that appears intended to send Israel a message is harmful to its safety. Any reported Israeli attack on Arab soil heightens tensions in the volatile Middle-East region. Islamist terrorist are expected to retaliate against Israel.

Israel is frustrated with Washington politics, and according to Israeli press, this is not the first leak by their American ally. Obama may be telegraphing Israel that he will not allow an attack on Iranian nuclear sites without US approval. Without a green light from Washington, the Israelis fear the Obama administration will provide Iranians advance (leaked) notice of any potential strike.

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